We strictly follow the guidelines of Private Agency Regulation Act 2005. Selection Criteria Particulars Security Guard Supervisor Security Officer

Physical Height 5’7” and Same Same

Eye sight-6/6 or 6/9

weight-as per BMI

Education X pass Intermediate Graduate

Experience Min 6 months JCO/NCO or Hony. Captain/or

experience in security. equivalent rank or 5 equivalent rank or 8

Min 5 years experience years experience in years experience in

in unformed services Industrial security in case of civilian.

(Defense/CPMF/Police) case of civilian.

Character Good, no criminal record Same Same

Police verification Yes Yes Yes

Personal Qualities

Be able to read and write Hindi and English.
Should have good physique.
Should be intelligent and efficient.
Positive attitude.


We follow a well planned system to recruit security personnel from various parts of the country. The
company recruits both ex-serviceman as well as civilian security personnel.

We have nodal centers in various states of our country. Officers posted at nodal officers hold rallies,
liaise with local employment exchange officers, Soldier Boards and select required personnel. This
ensures regular follow of manpower for training..

After initial screening, the personnel are sent to various nearest training school for final selection
and training.

Formal police verification documents are prepared and sent out.
Basic Training Inputs
Mainly basic training inputs are as under :-

Physical Security

Material Management

Key Management

Gate Managment

Frisking and Searching

Crowd Managment

Tarffic Managment

Soft Skills


Handling of various modern security gadgets

Basic computer knowledge

Duties of PSOs

Escorting Duties

Crisis Management

How to manage in adverse environment

Social Responsibilities

Team Building

Fire Fighting

Health and Safety

Housekeeping Duties

Physical Training including various Drills and UAC